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How to Care for Your GOGO Products

Keep your GOGO compression products looking and feeling like new by following the care instructions below.


 Hand wash in lukewarm or cold water with a mild detergent. Keep your  products looking like new!



 Bleach will breakdown the fibers in the GOGO products and cause them to  break down faster. Non-chlorine bleach can be used.



 Try to avoid prolonged exposure to excessive heat as heat with cause your  GOGO products to lose stretch and compression faster.



 Wrining your GOGO products can distort and cause wrinkles. The compression  can also be affected by wringing.



 We suggest you avoid ironing your GOGO products. The excess heat can  cause the fibers in your products to break down faster.



If you have any other questions about caring for your GOGO products, send us an email or call our customer service department at 877-851-4646. We're here to help!


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