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Tips for Donning GOGO Gradient Compression Hosiery

For many women that have never worn compression hosiery before, putting on your new stockings can be difficult. Compression hosiery has more resistance or compression than traditional pantyhose hose or stockings. Because they fit more snug, they are a little more difficult to put on. Below are a few tips to help you don, or put on, our stockings.

Donning Tips:

  • 1. Insert hand & grab stocking at top of heel pocket.
  • 2. While still holding heel pocket, turn top of stocking down towards toe.
  • 3. Open stocking & slide foot in until toe & heel are positioned in place.
  • Knee-highs: Grasp top of stocking and pull up over ankle and calf. Position tops approximately 1" below bend of knee.
  • Pantyhose & Tights: With crotch in a snug, comfortable position, stretch panty high with both hands. Adjust waist band to normal position.


Once the garment is on check for the following:

  • 1. The foot portion must fit the shape of the foot. The stockings should have even compression or elasticity so that the sock takes on the anatomical shape of the foot without high compression (binding points) that may create discomfort or circulation obstruction. Observe the bare foot prior to donning once side. After putting on the stocking, the foot shape should be consistent with that of the bare foot.
  • 2. For footless garments, the bottom of garment should be placed at the ankle bone or the skinniest part of the ankle.
  • 3. If pain, discomfort, or areas of binding occur, the stockings should be removed..


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