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How to Measure for GOGO Gradient Compression Hosiery

It is ideal to take measurements when you first get up in the morning. This helps prevent measurements based upon the affected area’s circumference after swelling has occurred.

  • • Measurements should be taken while standing
  • • Take snug measurements against the skin
  • • Avoid measuring over socks or slacks
  • • Never allow folds in stockings
  • • Socks must fit the shape of the foot. Socks should have even compression or elasticity so that the sock takes on the anatomical shape of the foot without high compression (binding points) that may create discomfort or circulation obstruction. Observe the bare foot prior to donning the sock. After putting on the stocking, the foot shape should be consistent with that of the bare foot.
  • • For footless garments, the bottom of garment should be placed at the ankle bone or the skinniest part of the ankle.
  • • If pain, discomfort, or areas of binding occur, the stockings should be removed.



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